Floortime is the centerpiece of the Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based (DIR) Model. The DIR/Floortime approach involves meeting your child at his current developmental level, and building upon his particular set of strengths to help him develop.  The approach suggests following the child’s lead: tuning in to his interests and desires in interactions and play to harness the power of his motivation and help him climb the developmental ladder. It also involves tailoring these interactions to the child's individual differences in sensory reactivity, processing and motor planning.


An important part of this program is engaging in developmentally appropriate interactions at every opportunity.  This is "Floortime,” which literally involves getting down on the floor to play with your child.


By following your child's interests, joining what he is doing and wooing him with warm but persistent attempts to engage his attention, you can lead him to climb the developmental ladder. Through playful, engaging interactions, you can help him want to learn to pay attention, want to engage in some sort of dialogue and want to take initiative, even before he speaks in any meaningful conversation.


By entering into your child's world, you can help your child learn to relate in a meaningful, spontaneous, flexible and warm way.  This does not happen overnight; adopting this approach involves making a commitment to spending a considerable period of time on the floor, playing with your child and becoming a part of his world, even if his activities are limited.  It involves responding to his every utterance or gesture, in an effort to spark a response – the beginning of two-way communication with your child.


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Upcoming Events

Preschool Play Group

Children aged 3-5. Class limited to 6.

When: Fridays 8:45-10 for 8 weeks beginning Sept 27, 2019

Instructor: Lara Levine, MOTR/L  For more info go to our Groups page.  Please be sure to register online!

Wired to Learn: Sensory based strategies to help kids grow.

Participants: For teachers, parents, caregivers and other child professionals.

When: October 12th, 9 to 3pm.  

Where: Radisson-Portland  

Cost: $150

Instructors:  Sharron Donnelly & Lara Levine

Sign up at: 360-885-4684

For more info click here.

Listening with the Whole Body

Participants: For therapists who have a background in sensory integration.

When: October 25-26th, 8 to 4:30pm.   

Instructors:  Sharron Donnelly, MS, OTR/L

For more info and registration form click here.

Free Fall Sensory PDX Classes

The Misunderstood Child: Understanding and Treating Sensory Processing Disorders

When: October 17, 2019 

Instructors:  Sharron Donnelly, MS, OTR/L

For more info and registration form click here.


Problem Solving Sensory Strategies for Home + School

When: November 21, 2019

For more info and registration click here.


Parent Support Groups

APT partners with Swindell's Resource Center to provide Sensory Seminars PDX once a month at Providence. For more info go to: oregon.providence.org/news-and-events  to view next event.  Please be sure to register online!

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"For me, and I think I can safely speak for my staff, there is no greater feeling than helping a child to feel understood and helping a parent to better relate to their child. We help families to understand their child. It is in that knowing and understanding of a child’s individual differences that meaning can be found behind all behaviors."  Sharron Donnelly, Owner

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