Therapeutic Listening Program

Therapeutic Listening is a term used to describe combined use of a number of electronically altered compact discs in a prescribed manner, but with equipment that can be used in many environments. Sheila Frick, OTR designed this program. Therapeutic Listening implies that the listening programs are individualized to each client and are ideally suited for application in home and school setting. Maximum effectiveness in treatment outcomes is promoted by daily use. The use of modulated and filtered music in conjunction with sensory integrative occupational therapy techniques seems to increase the effectiveness of both treatment modalities. There is commonly a decrease in the time necessary to meet treatment goals in the areas of: modulation, balance and movement perception; an increase in exploration of the environment, sense of physical competence, drive to challenge one’s praxis and sequencing abilities, and improved social competence and language abilities.


Therapeutic Listening programs can be carried out at home, school or in the clinic with ongoing support from a therapist who is trained in their use. A typical program may be in place for two - six months for initial gains; however, many individuals continue past this time frame or find several of the compact discs useful as part of an ongoing sensory diet. Currently EASe, Modulated CDs, Fine Tuning CDs and entry-level SAMONAS CDs fall under this use. With the rapid growth of sound therapy, it is likely that other products will also be included in the future.


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